BARBAL-ENERGY ensures the maximum profitability, through projects adapted to the customer ́s needs, developed by a department of engineering, and it makes the technical and administrative management useful for the project. The development of renewable energy is promoted by the government as an environmental priority (clean energy). That way, BARBAL-ENERGY follows up on every kind of helps and official grants, choosing among them.

  • Global company

  • Permanent technical support

  • Constant customer support

  • Complete maintenance contract

Installations adapted to your needs. Only the best products can offer the maximum guarantee. Concerning solar energy, the maximum reliability must be assured.

  • We work with registered products, of the best brands, which offer the maximum durability.

  • We develop a set of own products which allow the company to be leader on innovation.

  • We can count on an engineering department, created specifically to present custom-made solutions for each customer.